Power Savings

  • Backup power equipment such as UPS systems are critical to ensure CCTV systems are recording 24/7
  • UPS systems for CCTV equipment needto be simple, reliable and cost effective
  • Without a UPS system installed, a power outage would result in a loss of power to the CCTV system causing the cameras to stop working
  • A UPS system adds resilience to the CCTV equipment by providing consistently clean power, blocking surges and keeping the electricity at a stable level during a main power failure or a power spike. Thus ensuresing the cameras remain online 24/7 and protecting your investment


  • Maintenance is the most integral part of your CCTV system and can indicate when and where faults might occur
  • Software is available to monitor the state and health of your current CCTV system and other security components
  • Camera housings and lens need to be cleaned and free of dirt and debris
  • Depending on your hard drive configuration and the use of RAID requires its own individual maintenance and criteria.


  • Wiring is the most of overlook part of any CCTV system. Most people believe that the cable was run properly and to code
  • The days of using coaxial cable should be finished, but there is a ton of it still run in older properties.
  • As long as the cable was installed correctly. cable should be good for years to come, but installing outside will cause breakdown.
  • Making sure that the cable install is code compliant and not some of the bad wiring sold online.


  • Most CCTV systems will give subtle warnings that a camera or main unit is starting to fail
  • With a health monitoring system you receive warnings daily
  • Every CCTV system has numerous warnings onboard, but must be enabled for the user to receive.
  • Warming are displayed on the monitor or via clients

Frequently asked questions

A Live Eye agent is more efficient because he can monitor your entire site, where as a security guard can only be in one place at a time. The Live Eye agent never falls asleep and we are 20 to 60% cheaper than security guards.
Yes you will be covered if you have cellular internet backup through us. If we lose connection of your cameras we notify you immediately.
In 90% of attempted entry or theft, the Live Eye agent speaking across your intercom or a speaker system sends the criminal running. In the rest we direct the local police right to the criminal or suspect and catch them in the act or aid police in locating them.

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