Remote monitoring from Live Eye sets us apart from the rest. Our remote monitoring is geared to the areas with no power; maybe drone, underwater monitoring via video and/or sensors.  We are the team that that can get it accomplished. Imagine the site you always wanted monitored, but could not for a number of reasons. Never had internet, power, etc. We have a wide variety if cameras and systems for this monitoring. If we don’t have it in our inventory, we then look at building the system to meet your individual needs.

Some Areas of use

-Trails and pathways
-Marinas and wharf’s
-Sports fields
-Gated communities
-Policing, Commercial Enforcement, Natural Resources, etc
-Construction sites
-Training areas


Live Eye can monitoring critical areas like ports and airports. Special events like the Tail Ships or when a NATO Fleet visits. Fast and professional with the lasted and most up to date equipment.


Our team will sit down and go over every aspect of the project and the tasks that must be completed. Most remote sites encompass solar and cellular technology and are built on remote trailers or pole/trees. All while keeping our carbon footprint low and the least amount of disturbance to the environment.

Built for rapid deployment, our solution can be mounted on almost any pole or tree or like the roof of a site management trailer. We provide the 360% view.

Key features include:

  • Self-contained surveillance solution- manage and maintained by Live Eye
  • Battery backup for dealing with site power outages
  • Installation on a pole, tree or roof
  • Expandable to support all the cameras we need to maintain a 360% of the site
  • Operates with wireless or hardwired internet
  • Supports cameras along with live talk speakers
  • Can be placed any location
  • View cameras from PCs, laptops or mobile devices

video surveillance inside a construction site for remote monitoring